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Chapter 1Acknowledgements

This thesis is the account of my Industry Research Project, carried out in the scope of the MA Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2020.

This project could not have happened without the help, support, and collaboration of several people and organisations. I am unbelievably thankful to everyone who helped me on this journey.

Thank you to Nils Westhoff, Yash Dhavalikar, all my Crew 20 classmates, Glenn Bergmans, Matheus Santana, Levi Prikken, Stef Lohstroh, Jasper Hauser, Michael Kurz, Duco Kapitein, Brigitte Jacobs, Cosma Kapitein, Davey van der Woert, Eu Chian Tan, Parikshat Singh, Neil Cameron, George Worledge, Oliver Hopkinson, Matthew Murchie, Marciano Planque, Mick Stockton, Robert Potts, Tash Willcocks, Catherine McHenry, Kathryn Percival.

Parts of this study were carried in collaboration with The Engineering Company, who are creating Flow, the world's first engineering development platform. My sincerest thanks to the team who gave me access to their resources and ideas, and let me apply my knowledge.

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